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I’d like to register and post my video for consideration on your TV Network. What does it cost and how do I do it?

It’s always free to register. Please visit our signup page and fill out the registration. You will be asked for a link to your video for us to view and consider it.

How do I move up your charts?

Our system is totally democratic. The fans will decide by voting. Jump start your votes by contacting your fans and asking for them to come over, register and support your music!

What if I don’t have a video – can I upload audio?

Yes! We are starting with video for our TV Network but audio is also welcome

Where can I watch IndieWave Artists on your TV Network?

You can find the best of the best of our music on our exclusive 24/7 music channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, YouTube and millions of cable homes in the US and around the world.

I’m a huge music fan always on the lookout for cool new stuff. How do I register on your site, support my favorite indie artist and discover new music?

Easy – Just sign up on our registration page and enter your information. We’ll take it from there.

I’m an emerging Artist. What is IndieWave anyway and why should I be interested in joining your platform?

IndieWave is an online portal that FINALLY offers a viable alternative to the traditional record label system. Artists all DREAM of promotion and getting their music heard. We welcome talent in all music genres to upload their music onto our new platform with the goal of exposing it on our vast worldwide TV and Radio network – at no cost to the artist. Then, the most popular in all genres — Rock, Rap, Country, Christian, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Latin, EDM, Metal and more — will be invited to join the roster of the new IndieWave Record label without compromise to the artist’s music direction or vision! We will invest in those artists just like a traditional label and will never ask for an artist’s copyrights or force them to sign unfavorable long term record contracts.

How do I know you are not just a bunch of techies with a new idea and no feel or understanding about my music or how to develop or break it?

Good question! IndieWave is guided by a group of highly experienced and successful music professionals from major labels, A&R, production, publishing, publicity, radio programming, music video and TV programming. Our execs have been significant players in such mega labels as Interscope, RCA, A&M, Capital and Arista. They’ve also programmed powerhouse radio stations including those at Doubleday Broadcasting ABC, CBS, Infinity, Cox Media, Westinghouse Broadcasting, SiriusXM and Viacom.

Why do you say “Welcome to Phase One?” What is Phase 1 and what’s the difference between that and Phase 2?

In PHASE 1, is where we secure and introduce our new artists and their music. This is the beginning of the Promotion and Exhibition phase. Next, in PHASE 2, we launch our actual Label/Investment/Artist Development Program.  At this point we will feature individual artist broadcast channels, classifieds and open source online creative collaborations and much more. Plus, watch for announcements offering special incentives for our “founding artists.” PHASE 2 should be in full swing the first quarter of 2018.

If you have comments, as we build out this community, please contact us on the contact page.

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